Urgent Care?

Columbus Urgent Care is an excellent healthcare solution for minor illnesses and injuries. We provide the following services:

  • X-Ray:

    We provide X-Rays to determine the severity of your injury and the best possible treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

    X Ray
  • Basic lab testing:

    Our lab is able to provide strep screens, blood work analysis, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, and other testing to answer your immediate health care concerns.

    Basic Lab Testing
  • EKG:

    We utilize EKG testing to evaluate heart rhythm, abnormalities, and more. Our EKGs are administered quick and painlessly.

  • Laceration repair:

    Need more than a Band-Aid? We provide laceration suturing and wound care for injuries that are not life threatening.

    Laceration Repair
  • Fracture and Splint Care:

    Is it fractured or strained? Upon evaluation of your injury a splint or cast may be provided.

    Fracture And Splint Care
  • Breathing treatments:

    Treatments for asthma and respiratory illnesses are provided for breathing ailments that are not life threatening.

    Breathing Treatments
  • Antibiotic injections:

    Sometimes patients need a kick-start to recovery. We offer antibiotic injections to help them get to recovery quickly.

    Antibiotic Injections
  • On-Site Pharmacy:

    Common prescription medicines are available right after your visit for convenience.

    Iv Hydration